Information now!

Data is growing at an unprecedented rate. The individual data records that keep track of how and where information is stored grow into the billions. User behavior and regulations demand that none of it is deleted.

As data reaches hyper volumes, how will you efficiently find a small sample without trawling through these massive volumes? A new generation of application is needed.

CopperEye has the answer:

  • Retrieval Server: full lifecycle management for hyper-volume data applications
  • IPRS: Retrieval Server tailored for Broadband Internet Protocol data
  • SDRS: full function retention and disclosure application for Communications Service Providers

CopperEye Retrieval Server

Retrieval Server (RS) is CopperEye's flagship product. CopperEye RS is a full function data management solution for hyper volume data environments that provides:

  • Automatic data loading and indexing
  • Full lifecycle data management
  • Full administration and audit functions
  • SQL reporting interface to external applications
  • Industry standard data interfaces

IPRS - CopperEye RS for Broadband Internet Protocol Data

IPRS is the Retrieval Server product specifically packaged for the Broadband IP data retention market. It consists of:

  • CopperEye Retrieval Server
  • A generic data model to meet the needs of IP data structures and disclosure reports
  • Data loading tools specifically for IP data sources
  • Standard SQL reports

CopperEye SDRS

CopperEye Secure Data Retrieval Server is a vertical solution leveraging CopperEye RS to manage data retention and retrieval for Communication Service Providers Data with the specific application logic, security, auditing and workflow requirements of a full function and compliant disclosure application delivering:

  • Secure retention and retrieval
  • Regulatory compliance
  • Appropriate disclosure
  • Data integrity
  • Audit trails
  • Automated destruction